Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not so great first time

This was the year I said I was going to learn how to Crochet--and I did...sorta.

I learned some basics on YouTube {I ♥ the internet!} and I made a scarf...a really long scarf! Then I went to YouTube and learned how to make some flowers...some really cute flowers (if I do say so myself)

Well you know how I said the scarf was kinda too long...well the flowers were kinda too big

(please ignore this model's loud shirt!)

Then, I laid it on the table and seen this

ok, I don't know if you can tell...but that middle part is thinner than the rest of the scarf because at that point I was crocheting too tight.  Not only that one end is a bit thicker than the other end

oh well...we learn by our mistakes...this one is going to be unraveled and will not be 112 inches long (scarves can range from 60-82 inches for long scarves!)


  1. The flowers are SO cute! It's a shame to have to unravel the scarf, but it was still a very good effort!

  2. You taught yourself to do this? Yay you: ) Love the flowers!!


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