Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scrapbooking (a fun relaxing Sunday)

I haven't scrapbooked in quite a while, so today, I broke out my Bind-it-All and created this project with the Christmas Cards I receive each year.

I keep everything and my Christmas cards are no exception.  Starting in 1995, I kept and displayed all the cards I received every year.  Then one year, I heard of a project to cut old cards with your deco scissors and make them into tags...that must have been 2004 because I don't have any cards before 2005.  But I never used them as tags, they just sit in a box waiting.

But I did save all the Snowmen cards from the dreadful deco scissors...for those, I tore off the backs (so now I don't know who gave me what) and those get hung up in my snowman area.


Products Used: Love Elsie-Noel collection (KI Memories brand)

Nothing fancy on the inside...just the cards received that year

Products used: Basic Grey Figgy Pudding

this year, I had saved the envelopes (no idea why), so I included them in the book

Products used: The Christmas with Glitter Stack (DCWV) and Holiday Slab V (ProvoCraft)

Along with saving cards, I also keep a spreadsheet of the cards I send and the cards I receive each year (yeah, not sure why, but I do)...anyway, for some reason I am missing a few cards that I received.  I am thinking that the cards must have been cute snowmen cards and I must have put them in "that" collection of cards.  So I wrote a note of the missing cards.  This year, I also cut the photo cards so it doesn't say who gave them to us.  For all the cards this year, I put index cards in front and wrote who they were from in case one day I forget these people.

Products used: The Christmas with Glitter Stack (DCWV)

again nothing fancy...just the cards

Products used: The Christmas with Glitter Stack (DCWV) and Holiday Slab V (ProvoCraft)

This year, I did not send out cards.  So the front page has a list of the people that send us cards and they are marked as the Nice list.  Then I wrote how I did not send out cards and marked it as the Naughty list.  I did save the envelopes and they are included.  On each envelop, I wrote how we know the person.

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  1. This is such a great idea! I hate to throw away Xmas cards that we get, but couldn't very well display them all. Gonna have to break down and get a Bind-it-All now.:)


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