Thursday, January 28, 2010

12 days without Internet--the horror!!!

(first of all, I would like to apologize for the crappy lighting of the pictures--I plan on painting my craft room white after the SuperBowl party--I hate the yellow.)

So what is a girl to do when there is no internet?  Crochet, of course.

The first week of January, I taught myself to crochet via YouTube...the second week of January, I unraveled both scarves I had made...the third week (sans internet), I planned to recreate my scarves.  Well I forgot how to crochet...can you believe that?  I learned then a week later I totally forgot how to start!  I was frustrated.  It would have been fine, if I had INTERNET access--you know, to relearn via YouTube...but no, AT&T decided to screw up my connection with the outside world.

After the 4th day without connection, I had the brilliant idea to use my husband's iPhone (which most of the time I despise, but on this occasion, I was thrilled to use it :p) and pull up the YouTube 'how to crochet a scarf' video.  Now, whenever he gets the urge to learn, it is in his favorites--ha ha ha.  So, for the second time in 20 days, I learned to crochet.

Days 5 through 7 without the world wide web at my fingertips

Since work gets in my way (oh, don't get me wrong, I am glad to have a job and like my job, but who wouldn't want to craft all day long!), I spent Wednesday through Friday night (up too late) creating this:
Now I did my market research (2 people) and the majority (100%--ha ha ha) stated that being able to remove the flowers would be ideal for them.  So the top flower is actually a barrette (so the buyer could wear it in their hair whenever they choose) and the 2 bottom flowers are pins.  They could also be arranged as so:

Day 8 disconnected

On Saturday, we watched movies all day long since there was no football on top of the fact that we didn't have the internet and I made this:

Not sure if you can tell, but this one has fringe on the bottom.  For some reason, the kids and the husband like this one the best.

Day 9 sans google

On Sunday, there was football and I had no where to be, so I used the entire day to make this:

Same concept of the cream scarf, but this one has fringe.

Day 10 not being able to surf the net

On Monday, I decided to make this beanie to donate to a hospital for a preemie:

It was tiny...very tiny.  I think too tiny (yes, I know preemies are tiny), but the hat was not what I had pictured.  The next day at work (during lunch!), I googled places I could donate hats to...there wasn't anything local, so I came home and unraveled the hat.

Day 11 feeling totally lost

On Tuesday, I decided to make some coffee is what I got:

Well the yarn I used was a bit too thick and it wasn't too cozie on the cup--ha ha ha--so it, too, got unraveled.

Day 12 and fortunately the last day

I decided to try to make the baby hat for a normal sized newborn.  There is a lot of counting involved making a opposed to the scarf.  So I did the majority of the hat...then at about 9 pm, we Finally had internet!!  woo the remaining part of the hat had to wait.  On Wednesday, I finished the product:
It still isn't what the pattern shows, but it is close.  I am not even sure if it will fit on a baby's head (ha ha ha).  I am going to send it to my niece that just had a baby a couple of weeks ago.  She can be my model.

So nearly 2 weeks later, we have internet and I have some inventory to sell--woo hoo!!


  1. Holy cow! You HAVE been busy! I love all of your projects. I agree that removable flowers would be best (I like the grouping of all three together). I just ordered a book on how to crochet, but I think I can't wait and just need to get on YouTube!

  2. You are too funny - glad you have internet again : ) Lovin' the scarves and the removeable flowers are adorable!


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